Editorial: Interprnueshp Might be a Problem
Tuesday, 06 April 2010
Dear all,

Reading can be fun and educational, and sometimes both. I had been quite pleased to find out that, according to an interview in one of the big dailies, gospel singer Jimmie Gait and I appear to have a similar style: amongst his wardrobe staples are ‘jeans and snickers’, both of which I like, even though I don’t keep the latter in my wardrobe (But I suspect my housemates sometimes hid Snickers in their wardrobe to guard them from my midnight sugar cravings).

I didn’t bother inquiring as to the whereabouts of the copy editors since I never got a reply back from the same media house when alerting them to a double appearance of ‘laughing stalk’. Never mind. Onwards and upwards. Except that my upper limit was indeed reached soon after: A few days later, I almost took a taxi ‘packing bay’ in my stride, and then a ‘gun-totting’ police man raised my eyebrow. But when ‘leaders refuse to scrub counties’, I resignedly closed the paper and took the doglet for a walklet.

If print items like these make you feel like getting your red pen out to run great big red circles around them (accompanied perhaps by some scritchy-scratchy, left-right-left-right underlining and some sharp pen-punching at the offending article), then what do you make out of this, clearly unfolding somewhere out on the unedited shores of our world, the wilder fringes of digital social networking?

'Hw is ur months schdle? Unaweza get 1 hr hivi u give us a talk on 'managment and interprnueshp' at U.O.N school of the Art and Design?, we wa told 2 luk for a speaker. Since u vntered into web desgn. I askin u ndio i ...tok 2 da director 2 officialy invite 2.'

If your brain hasn’t spontaneously seized up, you may have noticed that this comes from a university student. Now I’ve once turned down a blind date solely on the basis that this prospective date wrote almost like that, so I may be a bit narrow-minded. But I feel ever more evangelical about just straightforward sentences, and I recently picked an online fight by expressing my sincere hope that the author of a similarly garbled post should make sure to find someone to proofread any job applications she’d send out. Oh, but she was just expressing herself, and others chipped in that today, CEOs care more about content and abilities than clean writing. Hah, I said – so you suggest that there are so many jobs for fresh graduates in the market that you don’t need to make an effort to submit a tidy application anymore?

Someone at the Nation media conference said: ‘Technology creates a new form of illiteracy’. It certainly makes for irritating reading, but I’m curious: Is it a consideration in your recruitment? Am I turning into my grandmothers? Am I being paranoid that bad spelling can lead to all sorts of other problems (and my courier company misspelling my name, the recipient’s name, and the name of the person who signed for the document all in one go is just one example)? Does this bode well for interprnueshp, or any kind of –ship?

Back to housekeeping: We have added a section for tenders to our listings of job ads and business events. Have a look, and as usual, if you are looking for suppliers, send us your tender – doesn’t cost a shilling, and if it’s properly spelled, without too many random capital letters, you’ll make me smile.

And if you have a bit of time, go off and meander through the articles below. First to spot the typo(s) will get a Snickers. Or an Easter egg.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!


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written by lynn, March 29, 2011

Andrea,it's like you read my mind.my problem is with these guys sending texts to random numbers,could they at least make an effort to avoid the typos,please!if you gotta scum,be smart at it!jeez!
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